--- Our Next Show - 8pm Sunday ---


Fun, uniquely innovative and truly San Franciscan...
blends comedy, magic, juggling & crazy stunts into a roller coater of laughs and excitement.

SEE - Fred do amazing stunts!
LAUGH - At Fred's quick wit!
GASP - As Fred Risks. His. Life!
CHEER - As audience members star in the show!
WONDER - How he did THAT!
-----A review from Prague-----
" A little after 1 a.m...
The typical time-warp atmosphere of a night out in Prague as thick as the smoke in the air...
Fred's act - a totally hilarious slow-motion card trick to the theme from *Chariots of Fire*"
- Prague Post - Reviews by Rachel Shimp!

"Fun, Funny and Always Entertaining..." - Edinburgh Metro

"Totally Hilarious..." - Prague Post

"Really, Really Funny..." - Oakland Tribune

---COMEDY ON THE SQUARE SCHEDULE - We present performances shows Every Sunday at 8pm ---

1st Sunday of the month -- Street Magic Live!

2nd Sunday of the month - -- Frisco Fred's Comedy Hour

3rd Sunday of the month -- Street Magic Live!

4th Sunday of the month -- Multimedia Night - "Science Fiction Space Opera"

5th Sunday of the month -- A Comedy Showcase Curated by award winning comedian/playwright Kurt Weitzmann. -- (Nov 30)

Also check out Frisco Fred on tour in...

"MINDBOGGLING - The Magic Show"

- Starring Andy Gross & Fred Anderson

A fully staged big theater magic experience with world class magician/ventriloquist Andy Gross and comic juggler Frisco Fred Anderson.


Come to a show - You'll be glad you did!


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