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A fun family show Saturday afternoon BEFORE the New Year's Madness.
See three fantastic and fun performers live and in color..
- go ahead - "Pick a card..."

THANKS - Frisco Fred...

"I really enjoyed their energy and skills."

"Totally recommend for an entertaining night out!"

About the show
An afternoon of Magic & Comedy featuring three exciting performers in the comfort of Kennedy's Indian Curry House just steps from North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf.

FRISCO FRED - Your host - As seen on A&E, Fox, and PBS Frisco Fred has been entertaining people all over the world for the past forty years. A juggler, a comedian, an escape artist, and a snazzy dresser...

ERIC THE GREAT - A sleight of hand expert with a sharp sense of humor. Miracles right under your nose without the aid of camera tricks or CGI.

DANNY CHENG - One of the finest coin magicians you will ever see - a true artist.

Frisco Fred!


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